The Association shall be called the “Accra Girls’ Old Students Association or (“AGOSA “) for short.

By the adoption of this Constitution, the Association shall

  1. seek to promote a cordial relationship between former students within and outside the country and the School Administration.
  2. organize fund-raising activities to support the school in pursuit of academic excellence through the provision of necessary facilities and resources and in times of crisis.
  3. encourage camaraderie among members that will nurture the “AGOSA Spirit” in every old girl.
  4. see to the welfare of its members.
  5. shall support any other cause which the Association as a body shall deem necessary.

3.1. Membership of the Association shall include the following:

  1. Full Membership
  2. Associate Members
  • Honorary Members
  1. Guest Members


i Full Membership

Full Membership of the Association shall be open to those who attended classes at Accra Girls’ Senior High School and who completed a recognized course and who are not still pursuing a course of secondary education.


ii Associate Members:

  1. Associate membership of the Association shall be open to members of the teaching staff who have provided not less than 5 years continuous and satisfactory service to the school.
  2. Associate membership of the Association shall be open to all members of the non-teaching staff who have provided not less than 5 years continuous and satisfactory service to the school.
  3. The husbands of full members shall be guest members of the Association if they do not qualify for full membership.

iii Honorary Members

  1. The Headmistress of the School shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee and of the Association, if not entitled to full membership.
  2. Friends of the School, who in the opinion of the Association have promoted the interest of the School; such persons shall be elected into membership as Honorary Members at an Annual General meetings of the Association.
  3. Guest Members
  4. The husbands of full members shall be guest members of the Association if they do not qualify for full membership.

3.2. Rights of Associate, Honorary and Guest Members

  1. Associate, Honorary and Guest members shall have the right to wear the colours of the Association, and to attend and speak at meetings of the Association.
  2. They shall enjoy all the social privileges of Membership, except that they shall not have the right to vote in the election of the Association’s Representatives on the School Board, nor they be elected as Officers or Members of the Executive Committee.

3.3. Registration of Members

  1. There shall be no admission fee, but those eligible for full membership shall pay monthly dues as determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting through their regional or group organization where applicable to the Financial Secretary, for deposit with the Treasurer.
  2. Associate, Honorary and Guest Members are not required to pay dues but may make a donation.
  3. All members of the Association may be invited, however, to make further subscriptions or donations for purposes approved by the Annual General Meeting.

4.1. The Officers of the Association shall consist of;

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Financial Secretary
  6. Assistant Secretary
  7. Three Publicity/Public Relation Officers.

4.2. The Tenure of Officers shall be for a period of two (2) years.

4.3. Officers may be re-elected for a second term, however elected officers shall not hold the same office for more than four (4) years in total. Provided however those officers other than the President may seek higher office.

5.1. President

The President shall:

  1. be the head of the Association and will determine the direction of the Association in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  2. convene meetings, preside over all emergency, ordinary or extraordinary meetings.
  3. represent the Association at Speech and Prize Giving-Days of the School.
  4. be responsible for the general administration of the Association.
  5. be one of the three signatories to the Association’s bank account (s).
  6. present a report to the Annual General Meeting of the Association

5.2. Vice President

Vice President shall:

  1. assist the President in the performance of all her duties.
  2. In the absence of the President, she shall perform the duties of the President.

5.3. The Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  1. be responsible for handling all correspondences of the Association.
  2. be responsible for the accurate recording of minutes of every meeting.
  3. in consultation with the President, prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  4. maintain an accurate record of the Association.
  5. shall assist the President to prepare a report of the Association to be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  6. shall be one of the 3 (three) signatories to the bank accounts of the Association.

5.4. Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary shall:

  1. Assist the Secretary in the executions of her duties.
  2. In the absence of the Secretary, perform the duties of the Secretary.

5.5. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  1. be responsible for the keeping of the financial records and other assets belonging to AGOSA.
  2. make all financial transactions on behalf of AGOSA.
  3. maintain bookkeeping records of all expenditure and deposits.
  4. be obliged to present comprehensive monthly, quarterly, semi-annual financial reports to the Executive Committee at any meeting of the Association.
  5. at the end of the year present audited accounts.

5.6. Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary shall:

  1. be responsible for the physical collection of monies for the Association and keep an imprest to be agreed upon by the Executive Committee.
  2. issue receipts to cover all monies collected and deposit the funds at the Bank.

5.8. Publicity/Public Relations Officer

The Publicity/Public Relations Officer shall:

  1. head the programmes and communication teams of AGOSA
  2. supervise all programmes of AGOSA
  3. ensure the proper execution of all activities of the group

5.9. The Executive Committee

5.9.1. There shall be an eleven member Executive Committee which shall comprise the following:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Immediate Past President
  6. Financial Secretary,
  7. Publicity Officer and the Assistant Secretary
  8. Three Ordinary Members, nominated at an Annual General Meeting.

5.9.2. The affairs of the Association shall be managed and the funds administered by the Executive Committee which shall have the power to authorize sundry payments.

5.9.3. The Ordinary Members shall be chosen biennially at an Annual General Meeting.

5.9.4. Vacancies among the officers or the members of the Executive Committee occasioned by death, resignation, or refusal to serve, shall be filled by the Committee subject to the approval of members at Annual General Meeting.


5.10. Council of Elders

  1. There shall be 10 nominated members who shall form the Council of Elders.
  2. The Council of Elders should elect their own Chairman
  3. The Council of Elders shall consist of past executives and senior members who have shown commitment to the welfare of the Association.
  4. The members of the Council of Elders shall be selected by the Executive in consultation with the members at an Annual General Meeting.
  5. The role of the Council of Elders would be to advise the Association.

5.10.2.Term of Office of the Council of Elders

  1. The term of office of the Council of Elders shall be four (4) years

6.1 The Sources of funds for the Association shall be:

  1. monthly dues
  2. special levies
  3. donations

6.2. The Association shall operate bank accounts with specified Banks selected by a majority

decision at a meeting and the signatories for each account shall be any two, of the following:

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer

6.3. Monies received on behalf of the Association shall be deposited in any of the accounts to be held in the name of the Accra Girls’ Old Students Association.

6.4. An accountable imprest with an amount to be determined at a General Meeting shall be held by the Financial Secretary.

6.5. There shall be Guidelines drawn for the handling of the funds of the Association.

7.1. Annual General Meeting

7.1.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at the School during the month of January every year or at such other time as the Executive Committee of the Association may decide. 7.1.2. The quorum for an Annual General Meetings shall be at least one-third (1/3) of the number of members expected to attend the meeting, including six (6) members of the Executive Committee. The President and the Secretary or in their absence their appointed deputies shall be part of the six Executive Committee Members.

7.1.3. The Executive Committee shall give at least 21 (twenty-one) days’ notice for the convening of an

Annual General Meeting.

7.1.4. The Business of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

  1. To receive the President’s Annual Report on the activities of the Association during the preceding year.
  2. To receive the Secretary’s Report.
  3. To receive and consider the Audited accounts of the Treasurer for the year.
  4. To elect officers of the Association where the tenure of the Executive Committee has elapsed.
  5. To remove, elect or confirm the Auditors for the ensuing period.
  6. To discuss the welfare of the school and the Association.

7.2. Executive Committee Meeting

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least 6 (six) times in a year.
  2. The quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting shall be 7 (seven).
  3. Decisions at meetings of the Executive Committee shall be by a simple majority.


7.3. Ordinary General Meeting

  1. The Association shall meet once every quarter or monthly where there are pending issues that have to be deliberated upon to bring closure, at such place and time as the Executive Committee shall determine.
  2. At such Ordinary General Meetings, the Association shall discuss matters affecting it and such other matters, as the Executive Committee shall bring before it.
  3. Notice of meetings shall be circulated by telephone, text messaging, announcements in the social basket of the national dailies, email or facebook.
  4. Confirmed Year Groups shall determine and set for themselves meeting places and times for deliberation of their issues.

7.4. Extraordinary General Meeting

7.4.1. The Executive Committee shall upon a request in writing by not less than   10 (ten) members in good standing with the Association call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

  1. At least 21 days notice shall be given for the Meeting, stating the object of the meeting.
  2. The notice of the Meeting shall be served on the Secretary personally or the Chairman of the Executive Committee in the absence of the Secretary.

7.4.2. If the secretary does not give notice of the meeting pursuant to the requisition or before the expiry of 14 days from the service of the requisition, the requisitionist(s) may request the Chairman of the Council of Elders to call the Meeting.

7.4.3. The business which may be conducted at an Extraordinary General Meeting may include:

  1. Major issues of concern requiring immediate redress.
  2. Removal of all or any of the officers.
  3. Altering any of the Bye laws of the Association

7.4.4. if the purpose of the meeting is either to remove any of the officers or to alter the Bye-laws, then not less than seven days prior notice in any of the National dailies, setting out resolutions to be proposed at the meeting, shall be required.

7.4.5. The Executive Committee shall have power to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at  short notice.

7.4.6. Decisions to remove any of the officers or to alter the bye-laws shall be by a majority of three-quarters of the votes entitled to be cast by registered members present.

7.5. Motions for General Meetings to be placed on the Agenda of General meetings other than business placed on the Agenda by the Executive Committee shall be proposed by the official Regional, or Branch Groups of the Association, and shall be forwarded to the Secretary not later than 14(fourteen) calendar days prior to the General Meeting.

  1. In order to suspend, exclude, or remove any member from the Association a majority of the Executive Committee present at a meeting especially convened by the direction of the President or in her absence the Vice- President, or at any ordinary Executive Committee Meeting, shall vote by secret ballot for her suspension, exclusion or removal.
  2. Any person so suspended, excluded, or removed may appeal to the Members of the Association at the next General meeting. The question of her suspension, exclusion or removal shall be determined by a majority of those present voting by secret ballot.
  3. No person excluded or removed shall have the right to wear the AGOSA colours, and no person suspended shall wear her AGOSA colours during the period of her suspension, or participate in any of the activities.

8.1. Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall have mutual respect for each other irrespective of the position they hold in the Association.
  2. Executive Commtttee members shall be appropriately addressed and respected.
  3. Pronouncements at all meetings shall be made in decorous language.
  4. The use of abusive language, quarrelsome and/or riotous behaviour shall attract the impositon of sanctions in accordance with the provisions made in Section 8 of this Constitution.

9.1. Regional Branches

  1. Regional Branches of the Association shall exist in the Administrative Regions of Ghana and overseas.
  2. Where any substantial number of old girls within a region, wish to form a Branch Group, they shall apply to the Executive Committee for recognition. If satisfied that a Branch Group is viable, the Executive Committee shall inform the General meeting of such an intention and the General meeting shall grant recognition.
  3. Branch Groups shall, ipso facto, be part of the Regional Branch of the association and shall be expected to fulfill their obligations as members of the Association in the Regional Branches.

9.2. Year Groups

  1. Year Groups within the Association shall exist; one for each year of students who have passed out of the School.
  2. The year group shall be named the year during which the students took their first public examination in the school -except that old girls shall have the option to join the year group they deem most appropriate.
  3. No old girl shall join more than one Year Group as a full member. Established Year Group Organizations shall appoint their own officers.
  4. Year Groups Representatives Committee consisting of representatives of each Year Group may exist within the Constitution and Rules of the national Association.
  5. The Committee shall meet twice a year to deliberate on the affairs of the School and the national Association.
  6. Where an issue has to be decided by vote, each Year Group present and voting shall be entitled to one vote only.
  7. If any Year Group intends to undertake a special project for the School, it must inform the Association and must ensure that the Association’s letterhead is used for any correspondence issued.

9.3. Annual Report & Dues

  1. The Secretary of each Regional, Branch or year Group of the Association shall each year send to the Executive Secretary of the Association, an Annual Report on the activities of her Group for the current year one month prior to the list of members indicating the dues payment status of each member.
  2. Regional Branches and Year Groups of the Association shall collect such monthly dues from their members as determined by their Regional Groups. The dues so collected shall be over and above the individual Year Groups’ dues and any other levies instituted by the Executive Committee for onward transfer to the Executive Secretary for deposit with the Treasurer.
  3. The Regional Groups shall make annual contributions to the national Association of not less than 10% of their Dues collected.

9.4. Bye-laws

Each year Group will formulate its own bye-laws based on this Constitution in respect of the following:

  1. fix its regular meeting day and time
  2. Locate its normal meeting place
  3. Determine local welfare dues for its organization.
  1. There shall be a 3-member Electoral Commission that shall consist of members in good standing and who shall be elected at a General Meeting.
  2. The Electoral Commission shall be responsible for the conduct of elections.
  3. The tenure of office for the Electoral Commission shall be for a three year period and shall not be for more than two terms.
  4. Voting at Committee meeting shall be by show of hands except otherwise demanded by a member that it should be by secret ballot.
  5. Voting at Extraordinary Meetings and Annual General Meeting shall be by show of hands. However, if there is a motion and same is carried that it should be by secret ballot; the voting then shall be by secret ballot.
  1. The Executive Officers of the Association shall be elected by a majority vote of members present at an Annual General Meeting for a term of two years renewable for a second term only.
  2. A Member shall qualify to be nominated by not less than three (3) members who must also be in good standing.
  3. Nominations shall be opened four (4) clear months before the conduct of general elections and in the case of removal or resignation or death of an officer, one (1) clear month.
  4. Nominations shall be closed two (2) weeks prior to the election date.
  5. Prior to the replacement of an officer (in the case of removal or resignation or death of an officer), the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Committee or any member of the Association in good standing to act.

12.1. Any full member desirous of proposing any alteration in or addition to the Constitution of the Association, shall give notice in writing of such proposal to the Secretary at least one month before the date fixed for the General Meeting; provided that such proposals are supported by at least 10 other members present and voting at the ensuing General Meeting or adjournment thereof.

12.2. This Constitution may not be amended unless by the Annual General Meeting at which 2/3 of the members are present and voting.


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