Within AGOSA, it was agreed that the establishment of an AGOSA group would be a good starting point that could become the nucleus of a wider and open network of old students. Accra Girls Old Students Association or Alumni (AGOSA), was started or established in 1980 by a group of dedicated old students i.e. President; Rose Glover Quartey, Vice-President: Florence Amartey, Secretary: Awurabena Okrah, Publicity: Wendy Asiamah.  Other founding members were Josephine Azu, Mavis Boye Doe, Mabel Collison, Mary Hanson, Cecilia Djoletto and Anna Lamptey.  The first meeting was held at the Accra Community Centre near the Kwame.Nkrumah Monument and later at the School and then once monthly.  The AGOSA office is non-existent but our capable committee members are seriously exploring possibilities whilst the monthly meetings are still held at the Accra Girls Senior High School and is sponsored by the AGOSA and its members.

The principal objective is “to form a bond of union  between Old AGISS students  and the School to promote the maintenance of their interest in the School and their willingness to assist in its welfare, and to promote the ideals for which AGISS was founded” hence was able to plan and celebrate the 25th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries.

AGOSA’s affairs and funds are managed by a National Executive Committee. The Committee consists of four officers of the Association, (President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Public Relations. The National Executive Committee is elected for 2 years at an Annual General Meeting.  In the wake of AGOSAN branches birthing in different parts of the world (e.g. USA , UK , Italy, Switzerland, etc. etc ), the  National Executive Committee may connect with heads/coordinators to streamline our efforts and harness our funds and goals.  Mrs Miriam Nkansah, Co-ordinator of AGOSA Madam Joyce Oku, Acting President of Accra Girl

Who funds us

We are funded through our annual membership fees GHC50, sponsorships by groups or foundations the generosity of fellow AGOSANs, or the families of old students who have established memorials


How funds are used

Every gift to AGOSA is used wisely and conservatively to help provide urgent needs of the school, refurbish AGISS and to support some charitable organizations in the vicinity of the AGISS campus,  projects to alleviate diseases of poverty (malaria), which cover infectious diseases and the culture and environment that contribute to these problems, water and sanitation etc.  When you give, you help to support dozens of efforts, please refer to our projects list.  Learn more about AGOSA’s many charitable-strengthening efforts/projects:

We need every AGOSAN, the Government, other Stakeholders like P.T.As,  Alumni, District Assemblies, Philanthropists, Organizations, Banks, Companies and Institutions to help ameliorate the infrastructure of AGISS and other charitable entities in the same vicinity.  We appeal to you all to show more interest in the development of AGISS.  Please see the list below and allow your hearts to guide you as to which one you could adopt – please remember:  no amount is too small as it can go a long way.


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